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About Me

I am a photographer trying hard to get more work published and break into the professional ranks full time. That being said, I consider myself a professional, and conduct my shoots accordingly. This includes committing to shooting dates (and not flaking out), and working diligently and efficiently on days that I shoot. I expect the same from models. Feel free to contact any of the models I have credited here for references.

I am wide open to ideas and styles, from simple portraiture to elaborate artistic shoots. If you have an idea or a hole in your portfolio, lets work together towards some work that benefits both of us. I obviously prefer TFP/TFCD, but I will pay if someone brings me a great idea.

I have professional cameras, and enough strobes and lighting equipment to do about anything we can dream up. My Photoshop skills are solid and getting better every day.

"It's not so much about developing trust, but more about developing the feeling that what we're doing Is a collaboration. I'm interested in what we can do together, not what we can do separately."
- Annie Leibovitz



~Brittany Murray, MM#2192921
~Lianna Foxglove, MM#1836688
~Becca Heilbraun, MM#1881945
~Lora Beth, MM#1919009
~Mariena Delvecchio, MM#1620800
~KrystenKarrah, MM#1709235
~Chelsea, MM#3039242
~Jade Krause, MM#2706399
~JSoftSight, MM#2689332
~Briananita, MM#2744708
~Emily, MM#2625919
~Danielle Whitener, MM#2771124