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I am a semi-professional photographer with over 30 years of experience. I love to capture the beauty of the female figure in swimwear , lingerie or artistic nudes where graceful lines can be exhibited in glamorous images. In past years, I have shot casual wear, fashion, lingerie, artistic and artistic /glamour nudes. I am now focusing on swimwear and lingerie related images. I work well with all models and will work with both experienced and inexperienced models.

As a minimum, I work on a TFCD basis. The model receives a copy of all images in edited versions. If I travel near a model's location or if she travels near my location, I can usually find the time to work with area models. I shoot everything digital now, so images are available much quicker than before. If you have skin blemishes, I will remove or eliminate them in the edited images, unless the model wishes them to remain.

If you have a web site and would like some free content, I will consider working with you on a TFCD basis to expand my portfolio. You would be free to use the photos on your web site as you desire.

I am only working with female models at this time.

If I travel to a location near you and if I can work you into my schedule then I will be happy to try and work out a session with you. Just write and ask. You decide what you want to shoot. I am a very relaxed photographer and will never pressure a model to shoot something she is uncomfortable doing.

All models are welcome to bring any escort they feel necessary for their safety. Your safety and comfort are important to me to achieve the best photographic results.


My current Photography Projects include:

Evening Jewels:
Fashion Wear shoot after dark at locations where the
background is illuminated at night. Background objects
will be such things as fountains, statues, gardens, bridges,
buildings, cityscapes, etc. Time lapse will be used to
ensure both the model and the background are properly exposed

Moon Rise:
Photograph the full moon as it rises above the horizon
at the beach (east coast or Gulf Coast that has a clear
view over the water to the east) when it is blue, red,
orange, or yellow, on a long exposure, at a long focal
length, and catch a model in the frame at either side
by firing a flash at the last second of the exposure.

First Light:
Model in silk or cotton pajamas sipping her first cup of
coffee, hot chocolate, or hot tea in the early morning.

Midnight Pool:
Model in a pool at night in various poses, illuminated by
candle light.

Hawaiian Series:
Model in sarong and bikini top in various tropical settings,
such as: standing under a waterfall, sitting at the edge
of a waterfall pool, on a tropical rainforest trail, or
at a beach.

Model in casual wear or swimwear sitting or standing
on the beach, pier, or boardwalk looking out to sea.

Model standing next to walls of various textures
(colored stucco, rock, brick, etc.) that contrasts
with her attire.

Model standing or sitting on a deserted beach at sunset.

Beach Angels:
A group of 3 models in varying poses simulating action
scenes at various locations along the beach
(visualize the Charlie's Angels movie advertising posters).

A model lying in the edge of the surf as if she has
just washed ashore.

Shots of a model in hand-made clothing (leaves, furs,
shells, etc.) with hand-made weapons (spear, bow and
arrows, etc.) looking out to sea for a rescue ship.

Shots of a model in profile with the light shining
from behind the model.

After a Hard Day:
Shots of a model in pajamas or lingerie in a hotel room
following a long day at work. Model would be shot
sitting in bed, on a sofa, or in a lounge chair reading a
book or magazine. Model could also be doing some final
work on a laptop computer, or in a bubble bath, etc.
What other ideas can you come up with?

Shots of the model wearing an assortment of mardi-gras
beads in either MAXIM style glamour or implied-nude.

Glamour or MAXIM style shots of the model lit only by
candle light.

Artistic shots in lingerie or implied-nude with the
model backlit by light from behind. Images will be
shot in black & white for higher contrast.

Artistic and glamour shots with a slightly unbuttoned

If you would like to be included in some of these projects, email me for more details.



I have worked with the following Models:

Christy MM# 2552639 (twice)
Melanie MM# 2840208
Monroe MM# 878437 (twice)
Rockell MM# 1581405 (twice)
April MM# 2606351
Samantha MM# 2674562
Marla MM # 2394610 (four times)
April MM# 791050 / 1549786 (twice)
Diana MM# 1417264
Christina MM# 2317821 (twice)
Kris MM# 2163540
Rose MM# 2375490
Shelby MM# 1865926 (twice)
MisseyL MM# 1650503
Kayla MM# 2089841
Sarah Louise MM# 1737745
Liz MM# 2300852
Molly MM# 2302387
Tonya MM# 2315635
Alison MM# 1927322
Jodi MM# 2009398
Cheryl MM# 1702342 (twice)
Megan MM# 1871265
Tina MM# 1994618
Michelle MM# 771428 (twice)
Kellie MM# 1791431
Megan MM# 750722
Kitt MM# 812112 iStudio # 812112
Kristal MM# 1729834
Karisa MM# 1639127
Jessica MM# 1684602
Cecile MM# 1291622
Miranda MM# 1193922
Renee MM# 392591 (twice)
Shirley MM# 852460 (twice)
Keleigh MM# 724534
Heather MM# 888796
Amanda L MM# 373020
Joanna MM# 708723
Victoria MM# 761164
Heather - MM# 511267
Lisa - MM# 463458
Genevieve - MM# 368332
Lauren - MM# 621035
Polly Mae - MM# 425401
Kaiden Kennedy - MM# 551279
Tracy Darlene - MM# 348075
Merci Rae - MM# 40087 (twice)
Callie Saint Callie - MM# 226715
Chaste - MM# 66550
Tay - OMP# 123796 - MM# 8958
Corryn - OMP# 91471
Sherri - OMP# 121365
Constance OMP# 77328
Brandi - OMP# 126820 (twice)
Hope - OMP# 120487 (twice)
Casey - OMP# 100884
Asyria - OMP# 91683
Tonya - OMP# 107542
Eva - OMP# 19679
Kestra - OMP# 100491
Essence - OMP# 103593
Savanna - OMP# 103510
Dallis - OMP# 22377 (twice)
Taylor - OMP# 49029
Rene - OMP# 87925
Amanda - OMP# 69049 (twice)
Alishia - OMP# 76424 (twice)
Ivy - OMP# 32656 / MM# 424228
Cloe - OMP# 77539
Talisin - OMP# 61553
Heather - OMP# 82918
Angel - OMP# 44655 / MM# 3468
Jessica - OMP# 52406
Melissa - OMP# 61009 (twice)
Christina - OMP# 45472
Jennifer - OMP# 81143
Stephanie - OMP# 58849
Monique - OMP# 30983
LaWanda - OMP# 34885
Tajmahal - OMP# 36133


15 Jul 11 04:36
I love this Port...very..very Sensual...:) maybe next we can work together
10 May 11 01:07
beautiful work www.zarihsretouching.com
29 Dec 10 18:29
SES, thanks for the photo comment/compliment here and OGO.
21 Aug 10 15:32
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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