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About Me

My goals are to work with creative and sincere professionals and make thought provoking work I can be proud of.

I have photograph all type of images from landscape, to wildlife and other. More photographic images from around the world can be viewed at; Please take the time to view and enjoy.

Photographing the human form is the most intriguing and exciting of all. The taking pictures of people, and trying to bring out the beauty in all of them some how has captured me.


I have no problem setting up a shoot with a model that is trying to build up her/his portfolio. However, I will require a commercial model release to be signed. I will be using the images, they may end up on stock sites or be sold as art. I will provide you with the raw images for you to use. Please bring with you a stick to down load them onto after the shoot.

On Escorts:
I am totally comfortable with a model bring an escort with her to a shoot. This is totally fine with me however I ask that you advise me up front and the Escort stays out of the way. Thanks.

On GWCs:
You guys give photographers a bad name. I’m a 61 year old man who is totally professional in everything I do, especially photography. I come to shoot, not to try to pick up pretty girls, not to stare and drool over barely dressed (or nude) women.

The "Guys with Cameras" who are on this site to hook up with Models drive me nuts. If you want to meet girls, try a dating site. This site is for professionals and aspiring professionals in the modeling / photographic communities, not a hook up joint. Get over it, and move on. You give photographers a bad name.

On flaky models (no show, dog died, etc...):
I will not list the names and MM#s of the flakes, but you know who you are. Now F@@K off.

Why is it that people schedule a shoot, and not show up / cancel at the last moment / come up with lame excuses. This is not High School. This is real life, and you are dealing with people who have real responsibilities and make commitments to be there when they promise



12 Dec 11 19:25
Photo Retoucher available with reasonable rates- like my page on Facebook for a chance to win FREE photo retouching! :)
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