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About Me

Captivating, tasteful, emotive, candid, classy & comfy - some of the words I would use to describe the intent of my work. I have taken shots in a few genres over the last 10+ years, why listing "some experience"; but my focus has narrowed, I'm strictly working on figure/implied nude, (what some would call) soft poses, nothing non-complimenting of the model nor the "capture"; and shibari photography. Sum it up with the words "art nudes" - I'm open to interpretation from that standpoint
I must confess to a "regular" dayjob, and oft a moonlighter as well, in the comings and goings of my daily life, so there will be need to plan things in advance more often than not, BUT I am not against a spur of the moment shoot if timing happens to work.

I am not out to "make a million bucks" doing this, if that happens down the road, terrific, but for now I wish catch some great shots with folks of like mind. If a million bucks today is what you're looking for, I may not be your guy. Take a chance, live a little, at the very least I'll have caught some decent shots and we will have likely had some interesting conversation, as well.
A no B.S./drama policy is what I have always followed and always will. I do hope these words don't come across to anyone as gruff or deterring, as I truly am not that kind of person, I just believe in being up front and not blowing smoke.
Any questions? Un-offendable, ask away, really.
Do I realize I am treading a pretty fine line as I have spelled it out so far? You bet your buns I do. Help me grow, it's time for this aspect of life to expand exponentially if possible.
If you happen to also be on Facebook we can likely chat easier there.
Note: I do readily receive and read via email notifications, but if you prefer to contact me direct, please do so here:
Looking to add to my port, and yours - the local weather is only nice so many days, let's get going!
Thank you very much for your minute ~b~