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Check out my two new blogs:

• modelJOCK: www.modeljock.com is an online magazine hightlighting sports and fitness models, and showing how they keep in shape. I'm looking for new male models to profile soon!

• portfolioLATINO: www.portfoliolatino.com is an online magazine that showcases rising male models from around the Americas. I'm also looking for new male models to feature here!

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Check out my recent model videos:
* MATT: THE SOCCER & LACROSSE SESSION: www.youtube.com/markedwardstudio#p/a/u/1/QLnrInBqs_I

* DANIEL: BOXER, BEHIND THE SCENES, a video from my most recent shoot with up-and-coming model Daniel Delgado:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=8URjICoAw2w&amp … annel_page

* Recent interviews and photo features:
---Next Hottest Model: http://nextmodelmen.typepad.com/hottest … d-stu.html
---Playgirl Magazine (Sample in my pix on this page)
---Studioguyzmag: http://studioguyzmag.blogspot.com/2008/ … dward.html
---Connex24.7: http://www.connex247.com/c-now/mark_che … icate.html
--The Mark Edward Studio Shop (the place for collectible prints and gifts that feature my photography): www.cafepress.com/markedward
--My Website: www.MarkEdwardStudio.com
--My Facebook: www.facebook.com/MarkEdwardStudio
--Behind-the-scenes video: www.Youtube.com/MarkEdwardStudio

* TRAVEL: For 2010, I'll be looking for fit male models for indoor and outdoor shoots in NEW YORK CITY, WESTERN NEW YORK STATE, PUERTO RICO, SOUTH FLORIDA and other destinations (artistic, conceptual, artistic nude, sports/fitness). If you are located in any of these places, please let me know.

PROFESSIONAL PHOTO SERVICES: I work with a variety of models, primarily male, to create interesting and compelling images -- whether the subject is an athlete, fitness trainer, fashion model or performer. If you're looking for fresh images to enhance your portfolio, contact me. I offer REASONABLE RATES and professional service, with the creative touch you need to get ahead.

MODEL SEARCH: My main focus is to create ART -- my goal is to expand my portfolio, get more work published editorially, in exhibits and other artistic venues, and ultimately to publish a book of my work.

My personal styles include conceptual, artistic, artistic nude, sports/fitness and physique. I often look for new male models with unique looks and enthusiasm, who are open to creative work on a TFP/CD basis as well as possible paid stock or editorial work (for TFP/CD, I'm willing to create shots that the models need for their portfolios if they agree to do the same for me -- if you are looking for TFP/CD, you should be willing to do sports/fitness, physique, artistic nude and conceptual work).

I am planning shoots involving ARTISTIC NUDES, EDGY CREATIVE WORK, SPORTS/FITNESS and LIFESTYLE images. Among other ongoing themes:

• "DANGER." I am doing additional conceptual studio shots that show emotion and -- using props ranging from toy guns to cigarettes and junk food -- creates a story behind the photo, while also making models look their best. This category includes physique, artistic nude, headshots.

• UNDERWATER PORTRAITS: I've just started a series of offbeat portraits of male models underwater (see sample in my portfolio).

• MEN OF THE AMERICAS: I am also working on a personal photo project called "MEN OF THE AMERICAS," which aims to show the diversity of the male model look in this hemisphere. Ideal candidates are SUPER in-shape guys, age 18-30, with excellent muscular definition and acting ability, and preferably who play sports. Included styles are conceptual, artistic nude, artistic/conceptual, sports/fitness and lifestyle.

If you're interested in any of the above categories of shoots, please let me know!


My photography -- which includes editorial, documentary, fine art, fashion, nudes and creative portraiture -- has been published by a variety of publications, clothing companies and Websites in the United States and abroad, including:

* Banjee Magazine
* Blue Magazine (Australia)
* Bruno Gmünder (Germany)
* Bygone Boys
* Comstock Cards
* Connex24.7
* DNA Magazine (Australia)
* Du Und Ich (Germany)
* ePhilanthropy Foundation
* Finlandia Vodka
* Flava Life
* Flava Men
* Forever Fit
* GT Magazine (United Kingdom)
* Hispanic Entertainment & Trends
* Honcho
* HX Magazine
* Inches
* Instinct Magazine
* Latin Inches
* Latin Trade Magazine
* Mate Magazine (Germany)
* Meetings & Conventions Magazine
* Next Hottest Model
* Next Magazine
* Omni-Photo Communications
* Park Avenue Doctors
* Passport Magazine
* Playgirl Magazine
* Promotrim International Clothing
* Rockshots
* SpecialTee Designs
* Sportswear International
* TravelAge Magazine
* Travel Weekly
* Village Lighthouse/10 Percent
* Zeeboard

PRIMARY STOCK PHOTO AGENCY: Omni-Photo Communications (New York City)

My photography has also been featured in solo and group gallery exhibitions, and one of my works was awarded by the Santa Fe Center for Visual Arts, one of only five chosen from more than 1,100 images.

If you're in the Atlanta area and need an excellent photographer, check out the work of my associate, LOUIS (mm #1270340).


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