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It is impossible not to fall for the easy charm and vivaciousness of Carlo Evaristo. Within five minutes of meeting him you will feel his infectious energy and exuberance for everything life has to offer. One truly cannot resist seeing his body of work as Creative Director and Designer for OTSIRAV'E (a play on words which is Carlo's last name spelt backwards) as unique and very expressive of his personality and talent.

Growing up exposed to the fashion retail business (starting from the family owned Colleziones New York Boutique back in the 80's), Carlo knew from a young age that he always wanted to work in the fashion industry. A quintessential Libra, Carlo loves to travel, explore new cultures, entertain and meet all kinds of people, appreciate beauty in all its forms as well as create things of beauty.

With all that experience, he left for 3 years and studied in FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York city taking up export and building their design brand , and to experience the real fashion industry in one of the capital of fashion of the world

Carlo's personal style has evolved through the years, taking on alternative identities from dressing up in artsy and experimental pieces, flitting from the avant-garde, to the mod-ish man about own yet always going back to understated elegance and fabulous chic.

Being a big fan of all things fashion, Carlo immerses himself in creative endeavours he is most passionate about such as styling, editorial work, women's jewelry design . He showcases his sexy, luxurious and chic sensibilities not only in the ream of fashion and jewelry design but also in interior design as well. Carlo's aesthetic on interior design is based on a model of a still-life....he is always trying to turn rooms into static compositions, symmetrical arrangements of exquisite objects, an impeccable mix of both form and function depending on the occasion or just for the pure pleasure of lounging around.

Few people know that Carlo is also a acrylic and mixed-media artist, with dozens of larger-than-life canvasses that reference surrealism and abstraction, his creativity manifesting itself in yet another form but only made known to the eyes of a chosen few One can see how he takes available materials and makes something of them, whether they be jewelry, paintings, a vest or a belt.... he feels and sees the pure sensuality of fabrics, colors, textures and patterns as a means to create...and also as sources of pleasure he enjoys in an exclusively aesthetic way.

After the whirlwind process of conceptualizing and creating , Carlo yearns for nothing more than the luxury of solitude on a beach, a visit to the museum, travelling, observing people from all walks of life, the company of cherished friends and soothing ambient beats which inspire him and feed his creative juices.

Fashion and Jewelry design has served to enhance , reflect and magnify Carlo's own sensitivities, and he has used this to explore his creative potential and develop his own personal, unique style which has come full circle with his realization that true beauty from within is needed before it can be exuded forth.

CHECK OUT Carlo Evaristo's temporary Jewelry site : http://carloevaristo.wix.com/carloevaristo



12 Feb 14 11:13
Nice portfolio carlo, cheers!
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