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About Me

Want to become a model but not sure where to start or what to do first. Well building a portfolio of your own images that show creativity, diversity and that can make you stand out to impress a modelling agency is a good starting point.

Now with modelling programmes on the TV becoming more popular, more and more male and females want to become a model and secure a future within the modelling industry, and why not. Everyone has something to offer.

Why not make a start on your portfolio now, we have already notice an increase in bookings for photo shoots with us from girls and guys looking to create some strong and outstanding images for their portfolios.

We are offering photo shoots on location of your choice, we will meet you at the location spend a few hours depending on the style of shoot you would like to do.

After the shoot we will edit the images selecting the shots that work best for you and burn these to CD/DVD in a High Resolution Format. These are then sent to you for you to have printed and inserted into your portfolio. It’s as simple has that?

Our photo shoots are enjoyable, example of the locations that we have used for photo shoots are, swimming pools, beaches, yachts, waterfalls, urban street, subways, graffiti walls, castles, forts, city centres..

What you need to do now? Send us an email giving us a little information about yourself, why you would like a photo shoot with us along with a recent photo of yourself. And we will send you a Model Release form.

Once you have read this and are happy we can then arrange a time, date and location for your shoot.

If you are looking to add to your existing portfolio we can help. Or if you would like to have a photo shoot just for fun and would like to know what it would feel like to stand in front of a professional camera lens and have flash lights going off in front you, we can arrange this for you.

You could even upload your photos to your Face Book or your own website/forums. You never know it may spark off an interest and you may want to start a new career.

Price per shoot can be discussed by telephone conversation only.
All models need to be over 18 and everyone needs to be accompanied with another adult whether they are a friend, family member or other.

Please visit our website and facebook page to view our most recent photo shoots and up and coming events.


Web Site


Mobile: 07810 866 857

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pivot Point Photography
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12 Jan 11 11:52
thank you for the lovly comment! x
10 Jan 11 19:15
Wished you lived in LA I would love to shoot with you. I like your style, and I saw you do a little pin up- which is hard to make look classy but you did a great job.
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