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Thank you for visiting my Page.

I'm a professional photographer who has been working with Photoshop and other applications since the mid 90's. I have over 7 years of experience in retouching and editing images.

In addition to Photoshop, I have experience creating high end videos using Adobe Aftereffects.

My retouching range goes from the most basic skin and tonal retouch to the complete change of the image, but I believe that an image is worth a thousand words and Art is good for some and ugly for others.

My techniques and skills allow me to be very creative, and I can achieve almost any result.

If time permits, I can work with you, doesn't matter if you are online or not. You just send me a high quality image with a few lines of what you want, and we can talk.

I'm 100% professional and my rates are very reasonable
Skills that I have:

Website Development
HD Video Production
3D Design


I'll try to post videos or links to my videos when I get a chance.

Again, thank you for visiting my page.



25 Nov 11 21:23
thanks for the addon! nice work and welcome to iStudio!
22 Nov 11 14:00
Welcome to iStudio.
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