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About Me

I am spending the month of August working on my portfolio! Looking for models to work with! If you feel like doing a TF shoot, hit me up!

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You will see that I am a quality photographer who can capture your beauty that will make agencies and casting take notice.

There is a few TFCD shoots I want to do, maybe we can work something out. Here's what I'm looking to do:

MASKS - I'm working on a series of photos for my portfolio calls Masks.. It's a Naked Model wearing some really cool masks i've been collecting. (a few are in my profile)

Couples - You and your boyfriend, or you and another model (male or female) making out, rolling around in the sheets.. something fun that shows romance and passion. Check out the pics in my profile for example.

About me:
To start off, I'm 34 years old.. I'm Married.. I'm Fat.. And I have a beard... that means I'm not the most attractive guy, and it also means I'm not here looking to hook up with beautiful women, I'm here to take pictures. I recently quit my job in the music business to be a photographer full time. I shoot for Alternative Press quite frequently as well as Dragon Talent and other local modeling agencies. If you want quality photos that are going to get you in the door, work with me.

TF* Terms.. I do not trade for CD of all images. You will get 5 high res photos that we both agree on and I will edit them and make them look amazing!

I WILL NOT TOLERATE FLAKES!! If we set a date to shoot, and you do not show up.. I WILL NEVER WORK WITH YOU AGAIN!!!Do not make up excuse why you didn't sow up! I have heard it all... I don't care if your turtle got hit by a bus, someone can tell me. If you request to work with me and then flake..I get really mad! Also, if we agree that the shoot is a 5:30pm do not call me at 5:00pm asking me for directions. I take this seriously, so should you!! Sorry, I just had to get that off my chest.. I'm not a mean guy, I just hate FLAKES (you know who you are)


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