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About Me

The mission of BK Photography is to show beauty through my eyes.

I've taken pictures most of my life. I really got into the art of photography during high school where black and white photography really meshed well with my creativity. I became a filmmaker during high school graduating from NYFA on the Princeton University satellite site. I studied many styles and elements of composition within each movie scene. Through my many years of professional work and travel I discovered something. I fell in love with the still image! This concept intrigued my artistic senses. Now I enjoy taking photos professional when I'm not creating motion pictures, promotions, or videos. It started as a hobby and now it's a passion I travel around the world enjoying. Now I'm currently on iStudio looking for models and artist to help expand their artistic works at competitive rates and create works of passion for the world to see as well.

Bit.ly/namedaystudios for better samples



You know who you are!


02 Sep 10 14:24
Sounds good, sent you a message
31 Aug 10 19:00
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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