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About Me

Welcome to Time of the Faeries. A photo project created by J. Corsentino in order to establish a modern edge in fantasy which he felt was seriously lacking. "It's the 21st Century and creatures like these needs a modern equivalent to their forest dwelling origins."

After 4 years of shooting various models and exploring the universe of Time of the Faeries, J. Corsentino proceeds into the next phase of its evolution.


TESTING for Time of the Faeries has been completed as of June 3rd 2009. We are not accepting any new models generally at this time, and the production dept is taking a few months hiatus to promote the new work and finalize the AFTERLIGHT storyline before it goes into full production.

Thank you MM for making the whole testing process even more fun and successful. Generation 3 has been the most fun and amazing year to work on, and it's all thanks to the TotF team and the amazing talents we have been able to work with. Expect to see a small sampling of Gen 3 images here and on future website update, most we are keeping to ourselves for publication. Ciao meows..


In the meantime, creatures of both light and dark are still filling the skies in the form of our first book; which prologues the Time of the Faeries Universe in preparation for THE AFTERLIGHT. Book ONE available now!


Onward ever forward!

"We bring REALITY to Fantasy!"

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