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About Me



Please Read before contacting me.
English Erotica Photographer from Preston UK working in Australia.
Owner of Shoes Of Hollywood Studio.
Masters in Erotic Glamour Photography Have the Ability to Curve Light Bend Space.

Currently If you dont shoot NUDES then we wont be shooting with you unless i contact you .
I dont Shoot Males.

I dont touch models, dont try hit on them. I am Happily Married "totally professional" and work with my Wife who is my MUA your Wardrobe assistant.

My Extensive Wardrobe consists of 1000s of sexy costumes shoes boots lingerie wigs

If you want to know more about me ? the worlds number 1 Erotic Studio lets do it.

All applicants must be 18 years of age. Photo ID before the shoot and standard model release forms. You can contact me at

Compensation !

I am more than happy to do TFCD with select models but will only compensate or shoot Models who Pose Nude.
I usually Offer Store Credit at $100.00 /hr which you can spend in my shop after the shoot which most Models find so much fun and exciting. You will leave with a Big Smile on your face Guaranteed !
If you want Cash talk to me tell me what you can offer.
The Whole shoot unedited can be burnt on CD before you leave so you may pick the images you like for editing.
Email me let me know what you can do what you want out of the shoot "Your Rates" so we can set a package up that suits us both.

My Escort Policy READ IT !

We always work better create great photos without distractions.
Escorts are a distraction. We want to commit our time 100% to the Model this is hard when we have someone else we need to watch in our shop studio.

If you must bring a someone to a photo shoot with you, we need to know this before you turn up no suprises please.
We can then decide if I still want to shoot with you. Boyfriends Husbands will be required to wait off the set during the shoot and be advised that you should pick your escort very very carefully preferably female or MUA and it should be someone who can actually contribute to a successful photo shoot without any distraction.

1. If you bring an escort, I am entitled to bring someone to keep an eye on your escort, my camera gear my stock, and for my personal safety and if I dont like the attitude of your escort you have flaked.
2. Your escort is NOT welcomed to check out or use my Camera Gear PC and Stock .
3. Your Escort not welcome to explore my shop studio without permission.
3. Your escort is never to be between you and the camera.
4. Your escort if permitted on set is to be quiet seated and out of my line of site for the entire shoot.
5. Your escort must not take any photos with their mobile phone or camera.
6. If your escort causes you to flake due to continuous distractions, you have flaked and both of you will be removed and shoot will be cancelled with no re-schedule and payments cancelled.
AKA Mark Hollywood

Im always changing my images on MM watch this space 0
You can also check out some quick sexy video out of Models I have used on You Tube Below. … QQ_armrsZ1