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About Me

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to say thank you for taken time to view my profile.

I haven't been shooting any new content for some time now, but in the coming year (2015) I do plan on working new people / models.

I'm in and around the Philadelphia area but will and have work in NJ, NY, DC, VA, WVA, and Some other parts of PA.

I also have setup shop in parts of SoCail as well. (But that's if I'm back home. working an event, or called out by request).

I'm working the last bits for my website and I will up date this and (MM Profile as well).

I work with both Women or Men on site or in a studio.

I can shot just about any style you wish and make sure each shooting event is fun and well worth it.

I also make sure I don't shoot something you've already done. (Unless requested).

I do shoot in raw and 100% manual on my SLR and I have done full Photo shoot on my iPhone as well. (Witch by the way have came out really well).

In the main time, if your in or around the areas I work, feel to send a business/friend request.

Thanks again to all I've gotta to work with and Hope to work with a lot more people in the coming months.


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15 Jun 11 01:14
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