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Ravish Sands Swimwear was created as an exclusive line by Jessie R. Becker. Being a native of Florida her passion for fashion was oblivious at a young age. Weekend projects of decorating hats, creating jewelry, making clothing, drawing, modeling, and taking photos with the family were a natural talent. High School landed Jessie with the Most Fashionable Award and many followers. The love for Clothing, good health, strong family ties, and need and desire of learning took Jessie to study fashion design and marketing at AIU. Thanks to a select few teachers, Juanita, Gustavo, Dawn James, Valle, and A. Burnstine she was able to develop necessary skills to pursue her dreams in clothing and swimwear design. However none would have been possible if not for the support from my papa, Stephen Becker, mother Dawn Renaud, Brother Sean Becker, Sister Christina Becker, grandparents, and a few very close friends. Through their support, inspirations, and added motivations it has inch her closer and closer to her ultimate goals. In memory of my brother true inspirations have blossomed and the realization that life is too short and nothing happens unless you make it happen. For ever I love you, and with every creation you are in mind. Fashion and swimwear design has brought a way to heal and cope with life’s tragedies and hardships. In little time I have started my business in a one bedroom apartment, and my livingroom is my closet, I have created my online store, shot with a variety of established photographers such as GreatOne, ShotOne1, Michael Anthony, John and Pat Renaud just to name a few. On numerous occasions took part in charitable fashion shows..Most recent at Kitchen 305, thesundayprojecthaiti.orq, Quest for love event and debut at Passions Hardrock, as well as my work can be found on many social network sites such as MM, flickr, fb, myspace, twitter, etc. Ravish Sands 2011 collection is nearly completed and ready to launch. Composed of vibrant colors, prints, overlays, metallics, laces, added embellishment, and comfort in mind your Ravish Sands will surely be unique on the bch and will dare to turn heads. All woman want to feel sexy, be noticed, and feel unique which Ravish sands Swimwear makes it possible… My eye of colors, and design concept has always been above and beyond the norm so with each style and print only a limited number is made here in the USA so it’s the closest to custom you can get with out a custom price tag. I appreciated all my followers that make it possible to keep me inching towards a successful career in fashion design. Thank you!



19 Aug 10 00:44
Hello and welcome to iStudio. If you ever need pics, feel free to let me know.
18 Aug 10 21:05
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome. Please let me know if you're ever in need of professional photo retouching
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