Erin  Fox
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:180 lbs
Measurements:40-32-36 in
Shoe Size:11
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Medium
Eye Color:Brown
Ethnicity :Pacific Islander
Skin Color:Brown
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:30 Jan 2012
Last:6 Apr 2013

About Me

F A C E B O O K | P A G E:
Be sure to like my Facebook Page at:
You can find more of my photos located there. I also update regularly so keep up with me!

A B O U T | M E:
Hey everyone!
My name is Erin Fox. Welcome to my page. Feel Free to leave me comments and contact me for shoots. I am always interested to meet inspiring photographers and would love to connect with other models out there! I am 21 years old. I am very relaxed and open to a lot of things. I love new ideas and doing things I've never done before. I will never pay for a photographer or director to shoot.

W O R K | E T H I C:
I'm very easy to work with. I like to make sarcastic jokes every now and then if the moment permits. I think it is very essential for the person behind the camera and the person in front of the camera to have connection. Otherwise it would just be awkward and hard to work. I like being given directions as I work, so just tell me what you want me to do and I'll put my own spin to it. It irks me when it takes the photographer a month to get back to me with photos. I realize we all have many things to do, but 5 weeks to edit 10-15 photos is just ridiculous. If you think you're going to take that long, just send the unedited photos and I'll do it myself. I don't like lazy people.

I N Q U I R I E S | B O O K I N G S:
If you want to shoot with me then just feel free to throw a message at me saying so. I will reply very quickly and the conversation should roughly follow this order:
-Why you want to shoot with me
-What concept do you have in mind
-Compensation (TF, paid, or we negotiable)
-Estimated date, Time (start to end), and Location
-Who exactly will be there at the shoot. All the people involved with the shoot, I'm not interested in surprises.

L O C A T I O N:
I reside in Hayward, CA. I am willing to travel to whatever location for a shoot. It would be nice if I could receive some help with travel expenses, but if not then I expect you to be okay with the fact that I will sometimes bring a friend to the shoot just because I don't want to drive 1-2 hours all alone for a 1-4 hour shoot then make the 1-2 hour trip back home and not do anything else in the town that I drove so far to be in.

H A I R:
My hair alternates between long and short. When it is longer I like to straighten it to have bangs. When it is short, it is gelled forward with a Frohawk. It usually takes 3 months to get from short hair to the long hair length. Let me know which one of the looks you would prefer to shoot with and I will tell you when I can get the look ready for you.

T H E M E S :
These are some shoots I currently want to try (contact me if you want to try any of these with me):
The wet look in the rain/anywhere
The Alice in Wonderland look
The bad boy cigarette look
Simple Fashion Portraits
The elegant classy look


Photographer - VinCentG (x3)
Photographer - LucidPic Photography (x2)
Photographer - ScottSanh
Photographer - enigmatic photographic
Photographer - Duc Le Photography
Photographer - Antworkstudios
Photographer - Winston Image
Photographer - Kammeron Michelle
Photographer - Lulu Zeng
Photographer - gsibolboro_photography
Photographer - Tonka Truck
Photographer - Sri MFKN Sherrell
Photographer - Alexa Blaschke
Photographer - David Ly Photography (x2)
Photographer - Chiara Lanfiuti Baldi
Photographer - JDS Photographer
Photographer - Ghaleon (x2)
Photographer - Waterfront Creative
Photographer - Laquel Wright
Photographer - Jeff Zhang

Film - Kevin Simmonds
Film - Waterfront Creative

Model - Chloe Jordan G
Model - Max Vitski
Model - YingHua
Model - Fyx

Wardrobe Stylist - Green.


30 Mar 12 23:46
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