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About Me


I enjoy shooting glamour, beauty, fitness, themed, pinup and fashion images on location in MD/DC/VA/PA or in studio in Rockville MD. I hope you find my images interesting and tasteful.

Models I will not be asking you to do nudes or implied and escorts are always welcome. I am very professional ask any model or MUA in my port. I work with a makeup artist if desired and I would like to work with more stylists.

Let's create amazing images and have some fun.  
Shooting TF
This is my passion not my full time employment. I am available for paid shoots at $ 50./hr. I shoot TF as time permits if you will benefit my portfolio. If you want to shoot with me contact me with your idea. I enjoy discussing and working concepts into images..

I will need your phone number when we book a shoot. I will also need a signed release. I'll get it at the shoot. I invest personal time and money in researching locations and makeup artists and studios.

After a shoot I upload select images and have them for your review within 2 days after the shoot. Then I edit 2 images per hour of shooting based on your input.

I have a professional lab printer if you want nice prints.

Contact me on MM, Facebook, or email davemcintosh@verizon.net  


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