Bogdan Grigore
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About Me

I'm trainer on communication, persuasion, sales, improvisation in Bucharest, Romania.
In my free time i like taking artistic photos. I worked with models in New York, Barcelona, Kiev, London, Stockholm, Rio de Janerio, San Juan.

I love stories and i'm trying with my photos to tell some. If you have ideas you want to explore with me feel free to contact me.

Also i am part of a improvisation theatre group where i play with my collegues to entertain audiences. I enjoy role-playing games, and try to apply that in my shootings also.

I've graduated Psychology, so i enjoy assisting others in exploring themself or facing their fears or challenge their limits.

I love traveling, meeting people from different cultures helps me open up and finding new perspectives on understanding life and being more flexibile.

I also enjoy contemporary dance, and from time to time i take some classes. It helps me explore my non-verbal part of me...the intelligence of my body.

You can check my photos on my photo-blog ( ) and on badorgood profile ( )

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