About Me

Women's curves and body has been a symbol of sexiness and art.

The way a contour is form, from the neck to the waist and below brings out the appeal of a women.

My aim is to bring out the sensualness and sexiness of the female body portraying in a work of art.

If you are game enough and not afraid to take up the challenge, drop me a msg and we can discuss! My interests lies in fashion, bikini and lingerie shoots.

I will do my best to bring out the best in shots and make you look ravishing and stunning.

*For overseas models, your airfares and accomodation will be catered to.



06 Apr 14 16:03
Nice port!
13 Jul 12 06:41
Hello Dear ! I have done fashion, lingerie, bikini ! My rates depend on the type of shoot & the amount of time taken. *Contact me for rates* If you are interested in working with me! Thank you! Angelica!
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