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About Me

I'm an energetic videographer living in Brooklyn.

My intentions are to build a better photo portfolio. For years I've worked in automotive, creating video. I run my own small internet/new media company, and I have always loved photography as a hobby, but never had enough time to build on it in a professional way.

My hopes are to learn as much as I can while experimenting with people who are equally interested in doing the same, or helping both of us learn. I am completely open to ideas, or for guidance from professionals who want to lend a helping hand.

Clearly the most logical path is TFP work with new models, but I would love for any direction from the more experienced.

Feel free to message me with ideas, thoughts on collaboration, or just to say hi. I'm up for almost anything!

**Note: I do lots of video, and occasionally I look for hosts or on camera talent for projects. If that's of interest, contact me.