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About Me

I am a photographer from Richland Washington with many years photo experience. I started in high school using film and a 35mm camera and have since advanced into a digital photographer with extensive experience in many different fields of photography. I sell my art-prints on my web site feltonfoto.com. But unfortunately for the time being, it is out of commission while I rebuild it. But it will be up and running in a short while.

After spending most of my time with art-prints and various services, I decided to become a model photographer to break into in a more commercial form of art. So FeltonFoto is now adding model photography to the list of services offered. Since art-prints are sort of a novelty and will more than likely appear in doctor and lawyers offices, I feel in order to become better known I need to do something that will actually sell.

At this time I will not ask to display my model photos on my website.

I am also a graphic designer. Some of the clients I take on need models for the graphics. One of those is a distillery opening up in Prosser Washington called Blue Flame Spirits. They are an emerging distillery with a bright future. I will be needing models for graphics as they arise. The graphics will include ads for internet, print and tv. It will be a great way for models to gain exposure in a real world ad.

I will also do TFCD shoots.

I usually work for compensation but am open to other things. Just let me know. Rates are negotiable.

I am very open to ideas. I will try my best to schedule absolutely everyone who calls on me.

Studio Space is also avaiable.




10 Jan 13 18:38
Photo Retoucher available- "like" Brunette Grenade Retouching on Facebook for a chance to win free photo retouching! :)
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