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About Me

I have found my way into the world of photography through a love of images. Only a couple of years ago, after years of admiring photos, did it occur to me that I can expand on that interest and be a creator of the art that I enjoy so much. I have had a few opportunities to take photos of people. As a student of Anthropology I want at the very base level to reflect humanity and culture through images.

However! By culture I do not necessarily mean mainstream culture or photojournalism. I do believe my alternative taste and lifestyle comes out in my photography. Some of my work as you will see verges on gothic or fetish photography (although I keep it merely dark and suggestive not over the top or raunchy). My style has earned me some fans, but I want to continue to explore. Broadening my horizons and exploring other urban settings, and fantasy photography. I am looking to collaborate with models to develop a portfolio that reflects this. In particular, if you have a unique look/style or are a plus sized model I would love to hear from you. Like the samples of my work, in my area, or have ideas? No experience? Lets remedy that. Message me, but be quick about it because I move around a lot.

Take Care,


(Please Note: My website is not currently up and running as it is a new endeavor.)


CaraRose (Model) MM#1748802


11 Nov 14 08:59
I am looking for part time(flexible, when you want) photographers to do paid model portfolios and internet ads with models in your area. After a review of your work, you qualify for a screening me for details.
05 Jul 10 13:32
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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