About Me

I never know what to put here. I'm an open person, so if there is anything here you aren't sure of, or you have a question, just ask me. Anyways, I moved from Boise, Idaho to Portland to work and started going to school at Portland State University. I am a self taught photographer, and have been taking pictures for 4 years now. I love taking pictures, I find it to be tranquil and relaxing. I want people to have fun when doing a shoot. Photography is fun release and I try to pass that on to the people I work with. I want to work with people to have fun and expand my portfolio, I look forward to working with you.

Some shoots I'm interested in doing:
-Super Hero
-Film Noir

I'm always up for any ideas that people have, so let me know. I love brainstorming with people.

Please note, if you can't make a shoot, let me know before the shoot is supposed to start.