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About Me

I have been into photography since 11 when my parents bought me a Canon AE1. From there it took off, I shot anything and everything that I considered art. Film got expensive. But i still shot everything. When I was 15 I took a film photography class with true black and white film, learned a lot in that class. We developed Out own film and everything. For Christmas the year of my 2007 i got a Kodak Easyshare Point and shoot camera, i took that camera everywhere, I shot football games, wrestling duals, prom. You name it, I shot it. 3 years ago, I got a job with Party Pics OKC, where I learned a lot about flash and various equipment, where local photographers Bryan Cook and tiffany Heine were my supervisors. I used a Nikon D70 with them and loved it, 2 years ago I got a Nikon D80 camera with 2 lenses and a flash, again I shot everything. When I went pro is when I took my friends senior pictures, and they loved them! So i decided to turn this passion of mine into a job, but about a year ago. the passion really grew when I went to the Gulf Coast and did a field trip with Oklahoma City Community College and shot a bunch of wildlife from there, I have shot many local models and my portfolio is on this site. I am an ENFP type personality, I am creative, and will come up with wild ideas! I hope to work with you and help you build a portfolio. I am always available for paid work, contact me to get something worked out.

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My Flickr is

This means if I agree to shoot time for and so do you we both get to use the photos for our portfolios. This mean you are not allowed to edit the photos, sell the photos, or submit them into a magazine or video. If you do I have the right to make a cut of what you make. If you cancel and

I am a full time college student to, MY TIME IS VALUABLE to me. If we agree to do a shoot and you flake without at lease 24 hours notice to put it simply, we will never work together again. I do understand that stuff happens so in case of an emergency or a natural disaster I will re schedule with you. However, if it happens more than once you can shoot with me again, just pay my rates, or send me proof of what happened. If you got a ticket, or had to go to the doctor, kinkos makes copies for 5 cents.

Paid shoots take priority, but I will do TF I am just very selective about it. So if you have an idea pitch it at me and I will think about it!

Contact me for rates.


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