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About Me

I'm an aspiring photographer, have been for long time now. Having bumped into this site, its given me the courage to follow my true passion which is to take pictures. To hold moments in time by a single shot.

I run my own ad agency which i love. Adsvertising is an exciting field to work in and and it allows me to enjoy my hobby as a photograper. But having spent time on the site, i realise there's so much i'm missing out on. I was never aware that i could take this to such an exciting new level.

I feel this site is perfect for me as i don't have any formal training. As it is, i've learnt so much just by going through some of the work here. My job is too hectic to ever allow me to go study but since i consider myself to have such a good eye, i'll be uploading some amazing pictures in no time.

Also, i live in a beautiful country in Africa with some of the most spectacular landscapes you've ever seen. I hope you guys are ready for this.....