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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

I started my passion for photography over 30 years ago and was actively involved for about 8 years. Unfortunately my "day job"€took over most of my time but I have recently found a more acceptable balance and have rekindled my passion. I love experimenting with new and different looks and techniques, and producing great images.

I think the best images are produced when there is a true collaboration between the photographer and model. My goal is to bring out the personality, emotion and expression of the models I shoot with. I have many concepts but really enjoy when you bring your concepts too. I want to produce images that will benefit both of us.

Things to know about me:
1. I value your time and would like the same courtesy extended in return. Please return communications in a timely manner and be on time...
2. I prefer to discuss concepts and shoot details prior to the shoot. If possible I prefer to meet with the model before the shoot so (1) the day of the shoot is not the first time we are meeting and (2) we can cover a lot of information in a short period of time. If it is not convenient to meet then my next preferred option would be a phone call supplemented with email.
3. I enjoy location shooting. I also have a small studio I can set-up in my home or I can bring that same set-up to your home/location.
4. For the typical shoot you will get 8-10 edited images. Shoots typically run about 2-3 hours depending on location(s) and looks planned, but this is entirely flexible.
5. I’ll post or email (your choice) a large selection of images from the shoot from which you can pick your edits. Once I have completed the edits you will get a CD with the edited images in full size and the same images in "upload" size. My goal is to have the disk to you within two weeks of the time you select your edit images. Usually it's much sooner than that.
6. I value your input so don't be shy, tell me what you would like to shoot. I am interested in your ideas.
7. The model always gets credit...
8. I prefer a full model release for TF shoots. Please let me know up front if this is an issue and we can discuss.
9. Feel free to bring a friend, assistant or escort to the shoot. My only requirement is that they not interfere, if they can hold a reflector, all the better.
10. My rates are reasonable, just inquire. At this point I am shooting limited TF based on my needs and availability.

No Fly-by friend requests! I typically won't respond unless I get some other form of communication. Comment, tag, message, something.

PERSONAL NOTE: I am happily married (29 years) and not interested in anything but producing the absolute best images we can produce together. I enjoy producing great images and art. I am more than happy to help new models if their look meets my needs and equally enjoy working with experienced models. Nothing satisfies me more than taking images that improve a models portfolio and helps them get more recognition.

A word about TF:
There is sometimes a misunderstanding about what TF means. It is a trade of valuable time, skills and resources. The model provides his/her time, talent, and resources (wardrobe, make-up, etc) and the photographer provides his/her time, talent and resources (cameras, lenses, lights, backdrops, props, and other equipment). It is also important to note that in addition to the time the photographer and model spend communicating prior to the shoot and during the shoot, the photographer must spend time on the initial and final edits of the images selected by the model. I have found this to take about 3-4 hours of editing for every hour of shooting. So for a typical three hour shoot, the photographer may spend 10-12 hours editing. This is a point that is sometimes missed in the evaluation of value provided.

Joe Vargas
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