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About Me

Photographer seeking to expand resume with all types of models. I am currently experimenting with different styles and concepts in a means to convey the best image I can produce. I prefer to use natural light, but also use gells and lights to create whatever effects I feel works for the shot.
Every picture is worth a thosand words and my goal is to tell a story. I like to shoot dramatic pictures and try to capture the essence of an emotion for a particular moment.
I joined MM so that I could meet other photographers and models and take my passion very seriously. My profile, list of friends and models is not a dating website. Please don't send friend requests to me/my friends or associates unless you have or would like work with them. I am always open to new ideas and am looking forwards to working with fellow artists.
If interested on collaborating on a shoot, please send me a message so that we can go over potential ideas and options. Cheers