About Me

I've been doing graphic/photo retouching for over 8 years now, and doing product photography for three. I also do product animation. A year ago I moved into still life, portrait, event, and clothing photography.

I just started Alien Mischief to be a do-it-all design site. Graphic Design from e-books, business cards, posters, photography, retouching, concept art, illustration and more. It's my first venture into rolling independently, and with my own vision of what I would like to see out in the world, but also gives me the great joy of getting to work with others.

I'm always looking for new people to collaborate with and to humble brag I think that I am pretty killer. I'm easy to work with and always look for input from everyone involved with the shoot.

Feel free to bring someone with you, I'm never against a model protecting her piece of mind by having an escort. Feel free to message me here but it's always easier to hit my site and email me directly.