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About Me

I'm moderately experienced with shooting models. I'm willing to work with anyone in the bay area for any sort of shoot.

I live on the beach, so that's available. I have a motorcycle that can be used as a prop as well. Also, I have a home-studio setup, there are quite a few options that I can provide in the way of setting/scenery.

Also, if I take the time to send you a message, please at least take the time to respond, even if you aren't interested.

Also, I am not looking to make this a friend farm. If you are interested in working with me, by all means please send me a message and a friend request. If you aren't interested in my work or in working with me, please move along. I have facebook for banter. This is strictly business.


Models worked with so far

Melissa89 MM #1567407 (RIP girl - 8/13/2010)
Lisica MM #1624914
LeLe Andersen MM #1706951
Dancing Soraya MM #1777914
Brook Lynn MM #305190
Naiyana Empire #1790914
Chrissy de Ville #1784885
AmeliaRae #1638208
Cindrarella MM #813420
CirqueVille MM #1392150

Thankfully I haven't had an experience with someone that I wouldn't recommend to others!


15 Jun 11 04:13
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