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Although I am relatively new to the Photo wardrobe styling arena I have won awards for my artistic direction on Video. My goal with this site is to add to area of expertise and flex my creative muscles. I love working with models and making them look amazing by picking out the perfect outfit and accessories. My sense of style helps me create one of a kind accessories to accent outfits as well. I have been able to work with some photographers and models that let me take charge and find perfect locations and help pose the modles to make the best shot possible.
Whle I do Wardrobe styling I am not limited and find it hard to fit into one "box" or category With my lifetime of creativity screaming everyday to get out I find taking many avenues and explorations as wel as off the beaten track the best road for me to travel. I dance to my own drummer in my head (I hope am the only one who hears it! SO If you suddenly see me start dancing for no reason Just join in or ignore me! LOL I Try stamp everything I Do with my personal style. fully Believe Einstiens Theory Creativity is more important than Knowledge. I may sound crazy in this Bio but I think of my self as a friend once described me. Controlled Caos!



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