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About Me

REVOLT’s work is often seen both in and out of Wichita’s galleries. If your only expose to his work has been in a traditional setting, it is easy to mistake it for pop art, but make no mistake no matter where his art is being displayed he is a street artist. The interesting part of this distinction is that it lies not in technique but in vantage point. Pop art has a tendency to glorify itself and its culture in the name of equilibrium. But whatever happen to common art, to art that does not have to lower itself in order to appeal to masses? REVOLT himself said once “I do not paint fairytales,” and this is the difference, his vision is unique because instead of glorifying the symbols we are bombarded with, he elevates them.
At 29 years old, he is every bit a new phase firmly illuminated in Kansas tradition. Kansas often seems singularly to participate in it’s bible-belt reputation; though for every fire and brim stone preacher there has always been a blue-grass band swigging moon-shine to whose beat a barn has been raised and a new root of grass has been celebrated. Having spent more time building airplanes than he has in art school, REVOLT resides decidedly with the dirt turned cement streets.