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About Me

Greetings, Everyone! I'm Tony of T. B. Photography!
I am a part-time photographer (Like most here, I believe). I don't have a studio to call my own, unfortunately. But all of my equipment is easily portable, so give me some space in the corner and we're ready to rock!
I've been taking photos on the side on and off for the last twenty years or so. I've been published in a national speciality magazine (Publisher's Weekly). I've had plenty of pics in the newspaper, and my "greatest" achievement: one of my models got a part in a commercial with nothing but a letter saying she wanted a part...and my headshot. Okay, stepping off the soapbox now... 0
I am willing to do TFCD on occasion. I will almost always be looking for more fashion/glamour models, of course. But I've got all the headshots I need on my website, so if that's all you desire, expect to pay full price. But, my charge for headshots is only $50 so it's still a hell of a deal! 0
I have no problems with you bringing a escort/friend to the shoot. However, I do recommend against a boyfriend/SO, simply because you may be less comfortable with them present. But it's up to you! Since uncomfortable models make bad photos, whatever you want that makes you more comfortable is what I want as well!
As for my style, I do not use editing programs like Photoshop or Lightroom to alter the "look and feel" of my photos. I don't look down on photographers that choose to do this, however! I've seen many awesome shots like that! It's just not my style. I prefer to keep the natural, original look of you and the surrounding backgrounds.
This allows the "real" you to come through in the photos. Some people may look at my work and think that it looks less "polished' or "professional" than other photographer's work because of this. Personally, I think it allows others to see your real personality and natural beauty!

Now of course, if the color in the photograph needs correcting, or a blemish or two needs to be removed I will certainly do that...I'm not a complete barbarian! 0
So, if you like what you see, either here or on my website (tbphoto.net) get a hold of me and let's make it happen! ^_^


Some talented friends of mine you should definitely check out and hire!



02 Jun 11 03:05
Nice photo! Anytime if you need a PhotoEditing/Retoucher,please touch me! I fix any kinds of picture. siyushen@gmail.com
07 Dec 10 02:15
omg its u hahah 1nce again i didnt realize it was u hahaha
07 Dec 10 02:14
lmao thank u very much<3333333333333333333333333333
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