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Now Shooting for MAXIM's Hometown Hotties 2011 Contest
It's that time of year again. I have been shooting submissions for Maxim since 2003 with a total of seven having been accepted for publication. I have started shooting for this year's submissions. There are still models that I have yet to shoot. Soon we'll be sending in what we hope to be more winning entries. This year Maxim would also like to see a video. Our studio is equipped and experienced in providing a full multi-media presentation. In the past, we have shot tens of thousands of photos to choose from for our submissions. Below is an example of just one session from one of our shoots, featuring the beautiful, Nikki.


I am a member of the Photographic Society of America and a published photographer with credits in print ads, TV ad stills, corporate and industrial print work and web sites, gallery photos, postcards, CD-ROM and other media, including Maxim Online®. I also produce and direct videos, DVDs and TV commericals. I shoot almost exclusively pro-digital equipment and am recognized as an expert in the field of digital maging.

I prefer to work with less experienced talent because of their freshness -- the resulting images look more spontaneous, less posed. I think viewing a photograph should be an experience. I seek to capture the emotional content in the images I create. I want the viewer to stare, think, ponder and jump into the picture.

I do a limited number of TFP shoots, generally with models needing to expand or update their portfolios and comp cards. I am interested in images that have commercial potential or artistic merit. In exceptional cases, I will create a dedicated web site to display the results of a shoot. I will not consider any model for commercial or print work without having first done a test shoot.

Robert Fiorelli

Rock and Roll. Every once in awhile I'm presented with the opportunity to combine my love of music and my appreciation for beautiful women. Such was the case when I was asked to produce an audition video for a professional dancer and choreographer. Below is an excerpt from that effort. I think you'll agree that she is an extraordinary talent.

Music Video