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Brazilian photographer based in Oslo since 2009. I work professionally as a portrait and fashion photographer. Also experienced in portfolios for models. If you need a portfolio, let me know.

I don't do TFP unless the work is interesting for me as well. So, don't be shy to ask me. And whatever you write to me, I will answer, so I expect you to do the same with me. People can only be taken seriously when they offer the same.

You don't need to be a professional model to work with me, but have a professional attitude. Asking me/agreeing with TFP/session and "forgetting" to answer me after I say "I can do it" = I will not contact you again.

Even being so "straight-to.the point", I can guarantee that I am a very easy person to work with and I do a lot of TF for all who needs that and when I need models too.

I am often working with new photo art projects and I need open-minded models to work with. I don't look for beauty but for special people who can be part of my work and contribute with it.

If you are a serious model, if you love what you do as much as I do, contact me. If you have a profile to make friends and model just for fun and be cool, please avoid me!

Høsttilbud!! Bilder til fotoportefølje eller privatbruk? Se mitt høsttilbud med ekstremt lave priser på alle typer fotoopptak! http://www.alexfalcaophotography.com/page5.html og besøke hjemmesiden min for flere eksempler: http://www.alexfalcaophotography.com/


UniverCidade, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. - Journalism
New York Institute of Photography
Oslo Kamera Klub
Photo Magazine Contributor

Model Mayhem members I had the pleasure to work with:

Diva Grotesque - #1809902 Model - Norway
Celestic - #2034650 Model Norway
Adrian Tourn -#1631440 Model - France
Joseph01 - #711691 Model - France
Bruce Jaouen - #1513845 Model - France
Nicky Namnam - #1397010 Model - Norway
Concotion - #1896697 Model - Norway
MAD Fashion - Art #1745800 Clothing Designer - Norway
KimberlyJ #1329000 Model - Norway
OddMatti #1579898 Model - Norway
MagnusH #598882 Model - Norway
Tord #1455572 Model - Norway
Diva Dollface #1445567 Model - Norway


25 Sep 11 01:40
i love your photos very glam and hope we can work together!:D
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