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As John Lennon had it all eternally ingrained in our minds "Imagine all the people living life in...", would keep it open ended and rather use our imagination to fill and interpret the best meanings that complete the sentence. Always inspired and motivated by people, photography is my key tool to capture the moments, the emotions and expressions of people living within and beyond their normal context. I live to dream, visualise and "imagineer" the possibilities in achieving that illusive, perfect composition of which I can claim as mine. Photography is my tool of art to realise my visions, and I focus on the human subjects of moods, emotions, sensuality, attitude, and such that are from the ordinary.

I do apply digital retouching or photoshopping to augment the "feel" in the overall picture composition and ambience. It just like a little make-over session for photos ;-)!

If you would like to share your visions or ideals with me do drop me a line. Cheers.


17 Feb 11 11:10
thank you for adding adik....very much appreciated.
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