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"Beauty is bought by judgement of the Eye" - Wm Shakespeare 1588 -( Billy was on to something way back then)

"Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" - Molly Bawn 1878 (Molly kissed a girl)

Glamour is an appearance of enhanced attractiveness that emphasises the allure of the Model - Wikipedia 2008 (Now this is my style)

And Finally - My Fave & inspiration :

My own definition of glamour started with my persuit of long, hard lines, soft, sexy curves and fast action. The subject at the time was not exactly what some reading this will be thinking. I began my photography carreer shooting motorsports, first in the Bay Area and then Europe. Somewhere along the way - I think it was at the Monaco Grand Prix I was lured off course by a French fashion model who was working as a Pit Girl for Ferrari. We took some great photos and I was hooked !! I've been looking for fashion models to corrupt - I mean convert - to Glamour models ever since. Please respond to my SOS & help me in my quest to create beautiful images in related genres. My rates are set by the models themselves and where they are in their carreers. On rare occassions, I have been "coerced" into taking pictures of models in varying stages of undress.While this style is not my forte, I think the joint creativity has produced some very nice images. My work is primarily in Norcal, with frequent road trips to the southwest, New York & Hawaii. Hit me up here or at auglamour@gmail if you'd like to discuss a concept, trades or your beauty philosphy. Oh, I always celebrate a great shoot with Champagne , so let's pop some corks !!!

Quick note about Friend Requests -my acceptance or denial is not an attitude thing and I send love to everyone who thinks enough to send me a requests - but I usualy reserve my Friend list to those whom I've met and those MMers with whom I've worked .



Sport Car Club of America - Golden Gate Region
Sears Point Raceway
Ferrari Walnut Creek
Pebble Beach Concours
Laguna Seca Raceway
Bob Bondurant Racing schools
24 hrs du Mons
Baldwin & howell
CS Publication
BPI Productions Diablo
Domain Montreaux - Napa valley
GEO Magazine
RIO Swimware
Sonoma Cuvee
Carole Johnson Assoiciates
Duke Mortgage of CA
Watrous - McClory
The Arcade Hotel
Alhambra Grill & Transportaion

MM Models that I've had the pleaseure of working with:
Breena Rose # 486766
Carlotta Champagne #3155
Amber Nude Model #322337
Ashnoe #1554401
Petula V #779165
Wolfpup # 720766
Bad Charlotte # 637916
Miss Bonnie Rose # 869015
Elena Marie # 1674611
Chanel Cameron #594933
Renoni # 1640974
Nix Noire # 700698
All Margarita #125145
Zahara Zero # 1741927
Cristi Capri # 1611717
Desirae Murata # 562781
Nasrina Evenstar # 530859
Jes Baby # 874936
Kalani G # 1037930
Bridgette Pearson # 558645

Non MMers
Louise Saylor
Lois Schennessen
Becky Delos Santos PM 9/93
Jenna Megan
Marie Lecoure
Lanelle Langlois
Elena Chronis
Heather Ardnt
Sherry Prosser
Leslie Del Rios
Susan Lietz
Carol Lipton
Kim Poppin
Minni Taylor
Nicole Henderson
Harriet Aronnowski
Mary Faust
June Milanowski
Betty McCarthy
Jenn Delaney
Anita Hopkins
Norma Jean ( in my dreams !)


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