About Me

Creating anonymous nude art pieces for individuals and couples - always with respect, always with power and emotion.

Suitable models are required for folio work, as my client work remains largely private.

Trained in Art, Fashion and Glamour styles, and currently training photographers to understand the value of light, the emotion of shade, the idea of enduring art pieces.

I charge for my work - just enough to survive. I only work with people who need to explore a different side of their personalities.

Many of my clients are in their twenties, but the majority are in their 40s. These may be people that are aware that beauty changes and would like to capture that beauty before it fades.

Most of my work will never be shown, it's private between the client and myself. Enlargements will hang in their homes, but not in a gallery or on these pages. A few have been allowed to be seen on here - just so you can get an idea of the styles available.



10 Jun 13 04:42
Thank you so much for tag and great work...if you want to see much more about my work and new pics, FOLLOW ME: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Joanna/472501299505285 Thank you!!! Joanna
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