About Me

***It's easier/faster to email me*** braceyourself.photos@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by my page. I'm not new to photography, I've been taking pictures for the last 20 years, but now I've decided to try and make art. I have a busy real life schedule and this is a side project for now. With the help of a fellow MMer, I've started to build my portfolio. Right now I'm inspired by other great photographers on here and some classic artists. Look for more photos soon.

I'm not interested in making contacts all across the country. If you're local and have a great idea for a shoot, contact me and we'll see if we can work something out. I will always do TFP for an idea that I love. I'm willing to work with local MUAs and Photoshop experts too.

If you're here because I sent you a friend request, thanks for showing some interest. If I sent you a friend request or accepted one of yours, it means based on the purely superficial work in your port, I think I can improve yours, or you can improve mine or both. It doesn't mean I have something right now for you. I'm not a hobbyist, but this doesn't pay the bills either. Please read my blog to find out a little more about me.

I have some thoughts for TF ideas and some more risque ideas that will be paid assignments. What I offer to pay is what I can afford to pay and if your time is worth more than I offer, I don't take offense. Different projects allow different spending.

Something I've noticed on here that amuse me: Models who state they have no experience but are only accepting paid work. (I won't pay a contractor with no experience either) If you have no experience, you should be trying to get as much as you can which means doing TF* shoots.



MMers I have worked with:

B. Ace MM# 1503268
Amber Raine MM# 1832751
Kendra McNatt MM# 1530771
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