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About Me

IS is a wonderful tool for making this world ever smaller. 99% of my business comes from outside IS (musicians, actors, models), but I've greatly enjoyed being a part of this community, learning a lot, and making stellar connections.

My adoration is for people. No facial expression is ever exactly the same as a previous, nor have I found identical poses or perspectives. So catching that one shot that makes my day is where my mind's at when I'm behind the lens. I like a minimal set-up, and tend not to PP the living daylights out of a shot. I like to work with what's around. Give me natural light in an urban setting, and I find both myself and the subject are far more inspired than in a studio.

TF - I only do TF work when I want to experiment with new gear, new locations, or new styles. For those shoots, I contact models (almost all of with whom I am personal friends...they're the ones who get free shots). I do not plan on paying models either.

Travel - I am willing to travel when the compensation covers the cost. If you're not in KC, I often find myself in NY, Philly, and Chicago.

Travel Photography - I have published images from NZ, UK, Italy, and Mexico. I ADORE travel photography and take every chance I can to shoot for travel publications and companies. Culture is what makes the world go 'round!

I'm charismatic, laid back, and do this job because I love it. I have fun on shoots, and hope my subjects do as well.


10 Jun 11 03:24
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