Eville's Bitch - Vandal X Klothing
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:95 lbs
Measurements:32-23-33 in
Shoe Size:7
Hair Color:Blonde
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Blue
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Join:2 Aug 2005

About Me

Hello my name is Dominique, better known as Eville's Bitch. Thank you for checking out my portfolio on OMP!


1. I WILL NOT DO ANY NUDE WORK! Please don't ask me ...... and don't think once you get me to agree to a shoot that this will change once I meet you ... its NOT HAPPENING! People have asked me over and over even after I clearly posted this .. and its gets annoying especially when its right here in clear print. HOWEVER just because I don't get nude in front of a camera doesn't mean i don't appreciate other photography of artistic nudes of others. I happen to think there is many beautifully done photos of nudes that are extremely tasteful. This is just my personal decision and its not gonna change. If this is the type of photography you are looking for its in your best interest to look else where. I can however forward you to sum beautiful women who may be interested in working with you if you are indeed a professional. As far as wearing skimpy clothing, bathing suits orand type of lingerie I do not have a problem with. As long as my "special" areas will be covered ... we can talk.

2. I am not interested in shooting anything that is plain and or boring with no flare... basically anything that looks like stock or that will end up in a Sears ad or magazine. One word LAME!!!!!!!! Unless its is something that is VERY artistically and or tastefully done, or something I am at least interested in I won't wanna be a part of it. I am a artist ... which means Im into photography that has a artistic twist, and working with photographers that look at their photos as art. The weirder and stranger you vision is .. the more I will probably like your work and want to shoot with you. I like the play on various lighting, settings, etc ..... usually with a type of theme in mind. Anything with a edge will do!
I would most definatley be interested in shooting in any clothing I definatley would wear or "rock" and would also do any promo modeling for anything else that would appeal to myself and or my lifestyle.

3. I ALWAYS BRING A ESCORT! Since most of the time I will be working with someone whom I never met or worked with before.. I find it in my best interest to have someone there with me. If you have a problem with an escort please don't even ask me to shoot. I assure you, whoever I will be bringing WON'T get in the way or interfere with the shoot. They will definitely let are creative ideas flow and let us do our thing. Its sad you have to be this way ... but unless you REALLY know person its just not safe for ANYONE to go to a shoot alone. Their are WAY too many assholes out their in the world who have very bad intentions of hurting people or even killing. Its not a unlikely you hear the story of a girl going to meet with a "photographer" to do a shoot and she winds up missing and dead. Im NOT taking any chances ..... if you can't understand that you are a moron and pretty much give away the fact that you can be one of these guys who has these intentions in mind. Anyone asshole with a camera can call themselves a "photographer" ... nice try but I suggest you move onto the next "bimbo".

4. I can only book TFP/CD shoots right now and or paid. Unless I contact you regarding hiring you to do a shoot for me, please don't ask.. though it would be nice if money grew on tees but it doesn't. I am fortunate to be freinds with many great photographers who are willing to do me the fav. Otherwise my Cannon Rebel XT definatley does the trick!

5. FINALLY and this one is as important as all the rest ..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ..don't ask me to shoot if you are overbooked or are behind in photo editing. If you find yourself over your head in stuff to catch up on and have little time to do so .... its silly to keep asking me if I wanna book a shoot with you. I will be here when you are ready ..... I certainly don't try and book stuff when I know Im really busy or myself have work to do .. I expect the same from you. From experience so far I find this may happen a lot. Someone contacts me several times to shoot ..... I finally get something booked .... go to the shoot .... and do not get the photos back for months later .. cause the photographer is up to his head in work to catch up on. As much as I try to be patient ...sometimes its hard and frustrating to me to have to wait forever to actually see the results of the shoot. Im a sucker for instant gratification .. and usually cannot wait to see how things turned out. I can go so long before I start wondering what happened to the photos and start thinking "why did so n so wanna shoot so badly when they don't even have the time to edit the pics??" A couple weeks is understandable but a couple months of waiting just gets me irritated .... and will probably end up irritating you. I NEVER am one to demand to shoot with a photographer ASAP ESP if Im not paying you. When Im free and have time I will then book with you ....I just expect that in return. Im not going anywhere anytime soon and will most likely still wanna shot with you when you are all ready and caught up. I understand Paid shoots are a priority to most photographers and have NO issues with that matter ..... just contact me when its a slow paid month for you ... or you have a couple days aside for TFP editing. If by chance you wanna get me in and know its gonna be a while before the pics are gonna be ready ..PLEASE tell me this before I come down to shoot with you .. so I have this in mind. If I go into it expecting it to be a while and am ok with it .... things will be hassle free for everyone :)