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I am a professional photographer from California, and am now living and shooting in Bali Indonesia. I have been shooting for about 20 years professionally, and my editing skills are in the expert/wizard range.

I only shoot women, and I prefer shooting in "studio" settings with plain backgrounds so that the focus in the image is totally on the model. I also love shooting large format (4x5") black and white photos.

I love to shoot women who do not have a lot of experience, and who may not feel very confident yet about posing for the camera. I focus on more than shooting the photos... as I want you to feel totally comfortable... AND to feel very excited... about the photos we get of them. Very often my clients will say to me, "I can't believe that's me!" ...because they are SO pleased with how beautiful... and in some shoots... how sexy they truly are.

Please check out the very extensive sample images I have on my website:


I also produce very high-end model portfolio books in two distinct sizes: 40cm x 26.5cm in hard cover, and then 30cm x 20cm in soft cover. Please check out samples on my website to see Flash animations of this type of portfolio book.


Those samples are of multiple models, but I produce them as high-end portfolio books for individual models... where all the photos are of the same model.

If you're a model, you probably spend a lot of time getting ready for your shoot assignments... and I'm sure you pay a lot of attention to your outfit, your hair, and every aspect of your make-up. In other words, you CARE about your appearance. If you have/want a website, you should be just as concerned about how it looks and about how easy it is for your website viewers to navigate through the images and content you have. Because your website is a projection of YOU!

I've been designing and creating websites for about 14 years, and I love to work with special models to give them a very professional website, that shows people just how unique and special their "look" is... and to help you REALLY stand out from your competition!!!

I will do trades for my shooting, website design, and portfolio book production... so please contact me for details.

rick@luxviz.com - email



13 Aug 11 16:49
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And HOT. Really Great Shots , Sir
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