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Photography is magic to me.

It’s also an addiction.

It is my escape from the “real world”.

I have been involved in photography for nearly 40 years now. A good part of that time, I did work professionally, shooting, portraits, industrial, photo journalism, videography, and rock concerts.

Commercial photography was too much of a compromise. The art was lost. I took a 10 year hiatus.

A friend told me about Model Mayhem a couple of years ago. Once again, I have regained my love and passion for the art. Now, my goal is to regain my photographic “scent”, and hone my skills.

I still shoot a lot of film, but during the last couple of years I have explored the truly remarkable world of digital photography and – PhotoShop.

Model Mayhem has been a great experience for me. I have run into a few “flake” models, but the vast majority of the models have been professional and a joy to work with.

Here is what I am looking for:

I’m looking for models that are looking to expand their portfolio. I’m willing to do some TFP, and I will pay for models if I find them to be of interest.

I do shoot nudes, but it is NOT a requirement. However, I do expect a degree of sensuality.

I can only shoot weekdays. Family commitments limit my weekends, unless it is for a gig that pays.

I am a gentlemen, please contact the MM models that I have worked with for references. Do not be offended if I check yours as well.

If we make a date to shoot, please stick to that date. Please be dependable and be on time!

I shot with minimal production. I prefer it that way unless dictated by a client.

Drop me a message.

Let’s make some magic!





Model Mayhem Credits
Deanna (model) mm 176364
Kaylyn (model) mm 1784166
Danielle (model) mm 2092494
Hanna (model) mm 1442596
Tia (model) mm 2005203
Malikta (model) mm 343507
Christi (model) mm 2687154
Desert Beauty (model) mm 105641
Nicolette (model) mm 1057386
Divio 1234 (model) mm 2751581
Candace (model) mm 2725512
Liz (model) 26159
Asia (model) 727541
Meshell Ramos (model) mm 2255941





25 Jun 13 02:32
You have an amazing eye for art. Your portfolio is unbelievably beautiful. I absolutely loved your work!
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