About Me

In the years I've been involved with wedding photography, I've learned to appreciate all the small things that make up the beautiful world we live in. Through my lens I've learned how to capture special moments and translate them into art. Whether at home or abroad I've learned to appreciate the beauty in all things.

My photography is how I speak. It allows me to show what I love and how I view the world. Every opportunity to shoot a wedding, models, a family, a protest, a door, is an opportunity for me to create art. Each occasion is unique and a new chance for me to share with others my passion for modern, photojournalistic style photography.

*****************************Booking Photo Shoot******************

I shoot Monday -Friday anytime.. Saturday and Sunday are by appointment only. An keep in mind that on weekend the price change base on the shoot.

Please understand that i also edited as well, so do for the fact that i have a lot of clients and i also do weddings please alow at least a week for return on edited pics.

Now that you have send my pictures and read about me.......LETS SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!

Studio 46
4401 fait avenue
Baltimore, Md 21221


13 Jun 12 23:04
damn nice portfolio man! thanks for the fr!
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