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My name is Shon, I have been doing graphic designs for about eight years now and Photography about three years.Though I've been doing more nature and wild life Photography I'm interested in doing glamour and models to add to my portfolio.Creativity has been a long going passion of mine I started out with music production and moved on.I also do video recording and video editing.I have allways had a nack for the unseen that vision of things that have not yet beed done before.So everything that I do needs to be diffrent In someway.My plan is to inter act photography with my graphic design detailing new creative model shoots that hasn't been brought to the table yet.I enjoy working with anyone most of the time even other photographers two head are better than one so I hear.And even models I like to vibe off of things that they want to do to make the experience as comfortable as possible.Contact me at tmggraphics@yahoo.com Thanx looking forward to making timeless art



24 Dec 10 06:24
Thans for the FR You did great on marta's shoot! I loved every bit of it! NICE PORT! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
21 Dec 10 18:27
Welcome! Please feel free to take advantage of my Holiday Retouch Special. More info can be viewed on my profile! Thanks :)
20 Dec 10 16:54
20 Dec 10 16:43
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