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Just starting on the road of becoming a professional photographer! Looking for anyone who would like any type or style of photos. Please contact me on here only as my cell is for my side job. I hope to hear from many of you and will look forward to any feedback I can get! I have a great love for photographic art and would love to work with people who feel the same way. I am willing to work with males and females. Most of my portfolio so far consists of pin up, fetish, or artistic nude, but I am willing to branch out into other styles as well.

I would love to meet creative passionate models who have a true understanding of the art. I would ultimately love to see my photos in magazines or on various websites.

Willing to travel to PA, WV, IN, VA, KY, OH.



01 Oct 12 15:25
Hi there! I'm in Augusta, Ga but don't mind traveling. Mainly I do nude/lingerie, let me know if you'd like to work with me soon. In Feb I'll be relocating to Hawaii. Thanks!!
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