About Me

I'm a filmmaker, returning to NC from five weeks of desert/mountain shooting in New Mexico. This film is moving toward narrative feature-length, and I also will begin another film this winter. Any collaborative and/or improv-skilled actors are encouraged to interview. Models without acting experience are also encouraged.

I work with a true Broadcast High Definition camera package and have, in the past, produced, directed and/or shot National fashion Image Campaigns in NYC, in addition to publicity stills for motion pictures, and some high-end legal stints in Seattle with the likes of Bill Gates. For the trueblood actors, an old project I founded in seattle is archived at directorssalon[dot]com

If there are any true collaborators who can work in an improv style to produce strong dramatic work, and if you enjoy mythic and metaphor/allegory in film structure and imagery, please be in touch. I'll shoot glamour occasionally, but always pull any eroticism or glamour back toward the context of work within feature or short films.

Thank you for reading! contact info can be found at s u n f i l m s [dot] c om This is particularly helpful when I'm away from Internet and phone access which I often am, high on some mountain or far away in some desert far away from McDonald's or Google. LOL


Fashion Video Producer, Marithe & Francois Girbaud, NYC

Motion Picture Stills Photographer:
Music of Chance (James Spader, Joel Grey, Mandy Patinkin)
Hellraiser III
Children of the Corn II

published book of portraits/stills: The Hellraiser Chronicles (London publisher)