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About Me

I am a painter, designer, and a photographer. My aim is to spend my life creating and shooting the fascinating individuals I run across in the world...whether it's personality or passion or vapid self-indulgent physicality or the beauty in the ugly. I find the beauty.

I'm looking for models primarily to do nude/semi-nude work at the moment trying to figure out the photography aspect of a new series of fine art work.

I'm a very down to earth artist in my late 20s. I'm quick to smile/laugh and really easy to get along and work with and hope that you are the same way. I've had my nightmare stories (haven't we both?).

I'm more than happy to work on a paid basis for a specific concept, however, I do need to enhance my portfolio just as much as you want to enhance yours! All of my sessions ultimately culminate in paintings/drawing/sculpture/etc. however the muse bites me once the photos are finished.

I work TFP/DVD. That means I don't pay you for anything beyond my giving you a burnt disc of the unedited (and at times partially edited) images for use in your portfolio. I will however travel to you if necessary, however, I live in a great old building in Hollywood and love shooting in around it, and have yet to exhaust it! (Frankly, I just moved in, so I'm still waiting to exercise its full creative potential). I'm ABSOLUTELY open to new and interesting locations.

The goal is to benefit both of us! Me the practice of photography with an eye to creating great drawings/paintings/etc. You the images you get from the shoot (and for both of us the benefit of meeting new and interesting creative minds! We're both artists afterall).

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.