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Freelance photographer in New York specializing in Corporate Portraits, Events & Fashion.

My passion is the love affair of light and emotion. My images create an alluring interest and captivate the beholder's eye. My favorite models have their unique quality and deliver the emotional essence of the story being portrayed.

I am always looking to expand my team in New York and Philadelphia of Models, Wardrobe Stylists, MUA's and Hair Stylists.
Copy & Paste the following link to see my latest shoots:

Fashion of NYC Designer Alejandro Montoya:

Castle on the Hudson & Studio with Denise Lacen Designs: http://pa.photoshelter.com/gallery-show/G0000gqYr.qyDjQ4

Industrial Shoot with Jae Yoon Jeong Designs:

My Compensation Policy:

If I initiate a casting call on behalf of a Commercial Client, then you can assume that I am being paid for the shoot, then you get paid.

If I am doing a developmental project for my portfolio, then I am looking for agency/agency quality models for testing.

If you want my creative images in your portfolio for personal use (No Commercial use permitted), you will find my rates below. These rates are for location shoots only and include location lighting. Not included are studio space rental, professional MUA, Hair or Wardrobe Stylists...

Creative Fee for a Half Day (4 hours) is $350*
Creative Fee for a Full Day (8 hours) is $500*
*Professional Make up, Hair, Wardrobe Stylist are additional. I have a number of artists that I, depending on your budget and needs, can recommend. You may also choose to do your own looks and bring your own team of artists.

I require a group call or meeting prior to our shoot with the team we have assembled to discuss the looks you want and how we will create the images you seek. Great images don't happen by accident. Well, yes, once in while a interesting image is captured by a mistake. Please remember, however, you are not hiring me to produce mistakes.

Half Day Shoot includes a minimum of 3 look setups.
Full Day Shoot includes a minumum of 7 look setups.

Your Final Select Images from the shoot will all include my personal retouched, processed signature styled look. You will also received small jpeg comp images of the entire shoot.

If you have a several models who want to shoot as a group, let me know how many and I will provide a package quote.

If you are commited to producing a professional book, then email me at jeffrey@jeffreyholmes.com


Designer Marketing Agency for Warner Brothers
Yoki Sports
Infinito Outerwear
Crest Jeans

I also shoot editorial for several publications in NYC.


08 Jul 11 18:32
I've just found your port on the main page...you do some lovely work! Cheers!
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