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About Me

I am Alexander. I am a up and coming photographer that loves to shoot portraits, fashion, fine art/nude and landscape/nature.
I love to create ART, so............. "Lets Shoot!"

I have very reasonable rates and do trade projects as well. I am building up my portfolio.... Aren't we all?

Rules for Shooting :

I will not book a shoot with a model until I have spoken with them in person or on the phone. No exceptions!

Rule #2
If it takes you a month to return an email . I probably won't want to shoot with you.

Rule #3
No other Cameras allowed

Rule #4
Chaperones are ok . Jealous boyfriends or annoying intruders will immediately
be asked to leave. No Exceptions!

Rule #5
Chaperones that offer photographic advice will fall under rule 4.

Rule #6
No Call - No Show
I take what I do very seriously. If you are a no call or a no show for a trade project you will be blacklisted!

Rule # 7
Models must sign a model release form. Images may be used for advertising, promotion of studio and or services or sold as fine art.

Rule # 8
Images will not be allowed to be distorted or manipulated in any way other than resizing .