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Hi, my name is Harvey, thanks for taking the time to check out mo page...

I'm a photographer, I mainly shoot fashion, glamour and portraits coz it allows my creativity to work, although im not limited to these fields, i sometimes cover events / wedding / prenups...

I try to be unique in every photoshoot, being creative and making it a point to learn something new in the process. I often shoot outdoors coz it gives me a dynamic background (dont get me wrong i also shoot in a studio).

Constantly looking for confident models who can play a role in my photoshoots, i'm tired of wannabe's who cant pose and constantly telling them what to do...

I'm looking for creative makeup artists who can collaborate with me in a photoshoot.

I always have time for a TFCD aside from my busy schedule, we can always work something out if you have a unique concept in mind.

thank you for the time in checking out my port, please leave me a tag or a photo comment...thank you very much

You can visit my websites
Cebu Photography Online Community - http://www.cebuphoto.org

BuzzedNow.com - Random Buzz around the World - http://www.buzzednow.com



21 Nov 11 12:48
you have nice works! love it!
25 Dec 09 17:55
Merry Christmas to you my friend and your whole family. Good health and God bless!!! xo Marianne- WRS
15 Oct 09 23:16
great port :)
21 Sep 09 20:54
Yeah would be great to collaborate with you, let me know when you drop by in London x
20 Sep 09 16:49
Thatd be great Harvey just let me know!
17 Sep 09 22:16
Thank you and you have some really nice work as well.
24 Aug 09 09:25
Amazing work Harvey. Thanks for the add. Take care and God bless always. Big hugs, Marianne- WRS
25 May 09 14:07
Thank you as well! Nice port!
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