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Thank you for visiting my profile page.

My photography takes many forms and I like to try new things, so if your looking for someone to shoot that wacky idea you have, I'm the one to chat with.

We can shoot in my large, well equipped studio, with a spacious, comfortable dressing room or on location, weather permitting. I'm willing to shoot from fashion to art nude and anything in between. I'm easy going and will relax you, making it easier for you to pose. My experience of posing models and others will ensure that you will look your best and the little things that could ruin a shot will not happen.

I have a range of lights and modifiers that can create any effect you want. If I don't have what suits, there's a good chance I can make it.

I like being contacted by models with their own ideas for a shoot and the challenge of creating her vision. I have lots of ideas of my own also and regularly look for models to pose for them.

Most likely I'll be buried with my camera and will send back the first shots from hell. There's surely a few women down there with time on their hands and would like to model for me. That burned out look could be a new fashion craze.

When working with models I usually have an assistant, my wife mostly and a MUA who stays for all or most of the shoot. When possible, I will also have a hair stylist. On a rare occasion, I may also have a second photographer with me. I will check with you well before the shoot to clear that and if you are not comfortable with it, it will not happen. So far all second photographers have been female.


Models I have worked with recently and recommend;
Charlie Brewitt #3033493
Becca Stark
Nikki Mahanna,
Ivan Fahy #2367127
Victoria T
Alice in Neverland #1513181
Christiana Cronin #2666438
BeataC #2975018
Ibarry #2765408
Sohaila Lindheim #703117
Tilly McReese #2716777
Laura Lavelle #2560907,
Jasmine Jade #1000409,
Charlotte R
Steph O'Dl
Lee-Anne Jensen
Wictorya (twice) #2132560
Sinead Carey #2660327
Ciara O'Callaghan #2588177
Annmarie #97079
Rachael O'C
Christine S
Petra Jade #2401750
Vi Markova #1202656
Steph McGarry
Jenny Holland #2449913
Linda Marie B #2306243
Alise #380025
Beatrice Lyons
Martina O
Jane S

Make Up Artists
Sophie Kelliher #2922307
Rachel Guiry
Sarah Reidy
Niamh O'Dwyer

Sarah Corcoran #2933878


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Great work!
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